1) All these conditions are for the following product codes
Product Code No 0006 – 0015 = 20000 pairs
Product Code No 0016 = 50000 Pieces
Product Code no 0017 = 20000 pieces
Product Code no 0018 = 25000 pairs
As per the offer, the company will be able to draw the draw only when all these product codes i.e 0006-0018 are sold according to the quantity of the piece or pair. Otherwise the company is not obliged to make any kind of draw and the customer cannot even speak to the company, this offer will start from 15 December2020 ,  Draw of offer will be taken after every 3 months.
2) You i.e. the customer cannot take any kind of legal action on the company in any way, nor will you take any legal action which u accept.
3) This sale is a non-refundable sale, it will not have any kind of refund, nor will there be any money or product refund.
4) If the delivery is delayed then the company will not be responsible and the delivery company will be held responsible.
5) Product quality, material and other things of the product, i.e. the customer can not make any kind of complaint, you can only give advice by mail.
6) The company will not give any guarantee or warranty of any kind to any product.
7) If the company makes any mistake inadvertently then you the customer will not force company in any way, nor can nor will any legal action of any kind be accepted by the customer.
8) We i.e. the company is not forcing anyone to buy any kind of product, you are buying by your own will in all senses.
9) If the company is giving offer on any product, it is giving only to its business to grow, we the company are not giving any kind of greed nor do we promote it in any way, for that You can decide on your own, the company does not speak to you.
10) For all the products of RSLELE except the first term 1, the remaining terms conditions will remain the same. Will apply for all products.
11) We are working only as trading i.e. we are trading i.e. RSLELE only works as reseller.
12) You i.e. the customer has read all the T & Cs in his senses of his own will and willingly and accepts them, you accept all the conditions with your will. After reading all the T & Cs, you accept that you will not take any action on the company in any way i.e. social, mental, financial, legal, in any wa